1.1 What You'll Learn in This Course

How to Navigate the Lessons

At the top of each lesson, you'll see a link titled "Complete and continue," followed by a right-arrow.

This link will illuminate AFTER you have completed these elements of the lesson:

  1. You have viewed the complete video for the lesson.
  2. You have taken the quiz at the end of the lesson (if applicable), and earned a score of at least 50 percent.

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What You Will Learn in This Course

This is a course about telling stories that make buyers happy and motivate them to buy from you.

Course Content

These major topic areas will give you the skills you need to attract and win more buyers with sales stories:

  1. Course Introduction (this section)
    1. What you'll learn in this course
    2. Why sales storytelling matters
  2. The Structure of a Compelling Story, regardless of its topic
    1. Setting
    2. Hero
    3. Villain
    4. Hero's journey
    5. Lessons learned
    6. Call to action
  3. How to Create Your Own Sales Stories
    1. How to determine the topics for your stories
    2. The common theme of all sales stories
    3. Prospecting stories
    4. Presentation stories
    5. Objection-handling stories
    6. Closing stories
    7. Up-sell/cross-sell stories
    8. Referral-winning stories
  4. Course review and next steps

Multi-Media Course Delivery

Each lesson will include one or more of these media:

  • Text
  • Video clips
  • Audio clips
  • Downloadable, fillable worksheets
  • Quizzes

Welcome to Storytelling for Sales Professionals!

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